Best Tricks for Building a Perfect CV

Your CV plays an important role in your job search process. It tells much about your professional career while giving an overview of your personality. It has to be of uncompromising quality to convince the recruiter to grant you a job interview. Here are our tips for successfully building a good CV.

Use an Effective CV Creator

To convince the recruiter to meet you during a job interview, you must submit a curriculum vitae with relevant and well-written content. But since each recruiter has to process many applications at the same time, it is important to provide an attractive and original resume to catch their attention at first. In this, a CV creator like can help you. Many examples are available on the platform. You just have to choose one according to your profile and the company that is recruiting.

Put Complete and Immediately Visible Contact Details

Every day recruiters still have CVs without an email address, or with out-of-service telephone numbers, or even those where they have to sweep your gaze up and down to finally find the place where there is the means to contact the candidate. Put yourself in the reader’s shoes and think about what is easier for them if they decide to contact you for an interview. To make it even clearer, you can insert spaces between the digits to make it easier to dial your phone number.

Be Concise and Give Figures

To stand out from the crowd, you must illustrate your convincing achievements as much as possible with factual, qualitative and quantitative indications. The recruiter must believe you and be able to imagine you at work. Find measuring elements to signify and characterize your productions. If you are a switchboard operator, for example, specify the number of lines you manage simultaneously. If you are a logistics manager, tell them about the size of the vehicle fleet or the number of tours you manage, the type of goods transported and the different people you manage.

The results achieved are also important as the constraints managed and the learning achieved. Think about the keywords and the results. Show that you are result and KPI oriented. Strategically, you have to identify the skills and activities mentioned in the job offer to which you are applying upstream, and then insert them wisely in your application documents (email, CV and cover letter). In recruiters’ skills and coaching assessments, there is often a market study phase where they will benchmark job offers and LinkedIn profiles to identify the right verbatim and the right names to use.