Branding Your Website – A Smart Way to Build Loyalty and Increase Profits

Just like Walmart and Nike have their own brands, if you have multiple products, then you might want to have your own as well. You can very easily set up one central website that will direct them to your other products as well as give them information about your products and your brand in general. Apply here for a review page on

In order to set this up, you will need to have one website that will give your visitors information about all of your products and services as well as direct them to where ever they need to go in order to purchase them. If you have similar products and services then it would be alright to feature them all on the same website; however, if you have products that are different from each other, then you probably will want to set up a website for each different type of product. For example, you would not want to feature a product about how to grow larger tomatoes along with products about how to improve your golf swing. Whether you have one website or you have 20, make sure that you have an opt-in or squeeze page on each of them. Additionally, this will give you a better system of marketing to them afterward. You don’t want to send email about gardening to your list of visitors who are purchasing golf products.

Another thing to think about in order to properly brand your website is a logo. If you have an existing logo, then it would be a good idea to put the logo on your websites as well. If you don’t have one, then go ahead and spend a few dollars for a graphic artist to make one for you. After you have your logo, then put it on your websites as well as your business cards, stationary, letterhead, brochures, etc. Logos are very powerful. Most people will recognize the McDonald’s logo (the golden arches) without seeing the company name. Having a logo that is associated with your brand will help to build loyalty within your customer base.

People are very loyal to brands which they like and associate with a certain level of quality. They will pay for brands that they like even if they cost a bit more, so by branding your products and services in the way that I described above, you will build loyalty and increase your profits.

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