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Many people feel dizzy when arranging the layout or decoration of the house to make it more beautiful, but the lack of information and references makes most people do decorations carelessly, so here we will give tips on how to make the house beautiful and beautiful.

In the decoration process, there are five important things that you should pay attention to:

Selection For the Right Furniture

Placing chairs and tables on the terrace is something that must be done considering the function of the terrace as a reception area as well as a sitting area. Adjust the number of seats to the available land area. If you have large enough land and use the terrace as a gathering area, then you can place a series of chairs or sofas equipped with a coffee table. Meanwhile, if your house has a limited area, then you can only place two single chairs.

Because the position of your terrace is outside, choose outdoor furniture that can withstand the weather, such as furniture made of synthetic rattan or solid wood. The choice of design should be adjusted to the architectural style of your home. For example, by using sleek and simple design furniture for a typical modern building or a carved chair for a classic style building.

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Wall and floor materials

Materials for wall and floor coverings are one of the elements that can enhance the appearance of the terrace. For floor coverings, choose a material that has a non-slip surface so it is safe to use. Examples such as textured ceramics or using natural stone. The motifs of existing floor tiles are now increasingly diverse, ranging from plain motifs to motifs that resemble natural materials such as natural stone, wood, or bamboo. While on the wall, you can adjust it to the overall appearance of the facade. For example, by exposing red brick walls in tropical natural style buildings.

Decorate with plants

The simplest thing you can do to change the appearance of the terrace is to place pots of plants around the terrace. These pots can be placed in the corners of the room and can also be hung on the ceiling. Choose plants that are easy to care for. The presence of plants makes the terrace feel more comfortable and beautiful.

Eye-catching accessories

Decorate your terrace by using attractive decorative elements such as artwork or wall art. It doesn’t need to be big and luxurious; the important thing is that its presence can attract attention.

lighting elements

In addition to general lighting, which functions to illuminate the space as a whole, you can also place spotlights to illuminate certain objects on the terrace, such as wall hangings. You can also use accent lighting with an eye-catching light color as an accent on the terrace wall. Yellow light can be an option if you want to build a warm and luxurious atmosphere.

That’s information about how to make a house beautiful, without having to use an expensive budget.

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