Life Science Staffing Agency: Everything You Need To Know About

How to Choose the Right Healthcare and Life Sciences Staffing Agency

When you are looking to hire workers for your company, you might want to consider using recruitment services or agencies to get the job done. There are different types of staffing services available in the market today, but should you use this kind of service, and how to get the most out of your hard-earned money are the most critical questions. The cost of hiring staff can exceed $30,000 per employee.

Some of that money will go to training people, as well as lost productivity. But a good percentage of the cost will go to the recruitment process itself:

The amount of time Human Resource staff managers and staff spend discussing the job opening

  • Hours spent on screening a potential candidate
  • Advertising
  • Background checking
  • Interviewing and re-interviewing

Human Resource departments usually take these rigorous steps only to start all over again. If a company has a dedicated staff recruiter, they already know what their annual investment is. Has the organization amortized their staff’s benefits, salary, and perks over the number of potential hires per year? That is just the beginning when you are talking about the cost of hiring workers.

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So, the big question is, why use a staffing agency? Especially for startups and small to mid-sized organizations, where workers’ time is already spread thin like butter on a toast, recruiting in-house usually does not make for a wise investment of resources in the long run. If you do not have a good, dedicated recruiter, you are pulling valuable work time away from other team members, time that will affect the company’s bottom line. A staffing agency to get the perfect applicants (not just a pool of candidates) may be the best way to go when they want to get the most out of their money.

Understanding the hiring needs of companies

Before getting the help of a staffing firm, organizations should better understand their hiring needs to know how to use the firm’s services best.


If the company infrequently hires – at least once a year – having a dedicated staffing agency on the payroll is frivolous. The firm can get the perfect candidate in the door, screened and re-screened, checked their employment history, and guaranteed. The organization’s job will be minimal – set up interviews to see if they are a perfect fit and sign them for employment.


Maybe the company hires regularly, at least once a month. They might have people who do the majority of their recruitment. People trained to interview and screen applicants compliantly, but they may need help finding potential candidates in the door. According to experts, companies can quickly receive at least 50 resumes for every job opening.

That is a lot of resumes to screen. Even if they only spend five to ten minutes on each cover letter and resume, organizations will spend at least five hours reading them, hoping to find the perfect applicant to suit their needs. Studies also showed that 78{8e7d489aa24518f4f31dc3b93526e2513276ec9457615114b76a5a45825e23b8} of recruiters found that at least 50{8e7d489aa24518f4f31dc3b93526e2513276ec9457615114b76a5a45825e23b8} of resumes were from applicants that are not even qualified for the position in the first place.

That is three more hours wasted checking resumes and cover letters from unqualified candidates. Recruitment agencies can help lighten the load of screening, so the company can only focus on the perfect applicants that suit their needs.

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At any given time, organizations are usually posting vacant positions, interviewing potential candidates, verifying their qualifications, or filling the vacant position. They’ve got a lot of tasks in their hands at once, and it can be pretty tough doing them all.

Having a department dedicated to helping with the hiring process would be great, but it is not their options or budget. A staffing firm can be the company’s Human Resource department. They can take most of the tasks mentioned above of the company’s hands and free them up to hire for the most qualified instead of a lot of stuff at once.

Fill the vacant positions and not interview slots

Firms get paid to fill vacant positions, not book tons of interviews. Businesses will likely get fewer applicants, but every one of those candidates is very qualified. Recruiters need to know their clients well. In return, clients need to tell the recruiters the skill set they needed from applicants so that staffing firms can match them with the perfect applicants that suit their needs.

While businesses do not want to discriminate candidates, they can certainly tell recruiters like science staffing agencies about the skills they require from applicants. A business might not be looking for workers who are easily excitable. Or, maybe they have had a lot of worker turnover because everyone is looking to get promoted after one year, so they want applicants who would be satisfied with the position for a long time.

Trial and snare

If an essential member of the team is taking a medical or family emergency leave, of course, businesses are going to hire temporary staff to fill their post. Companies do not have a choice, since they need to fill the position to continue their operation.

Consider using recruitment firms as an opportunity to screen applicants for another vacancy they might have in the future. If the temporary worker is doing well, works well with other team members, and is willing to follow instructions, the organization might even want to cross-train the worker during their temporary stay to see if they would fit in other positions available.

If the business has positions that take longer than one- or two-months trial period to train, temporary to permanent staff might be the perfect fit for them. It can take at least a month to see if the applicant is a perfect fit for the job opening. When a business does a temporary to permanent, it will have a more extended trial period. If the staff does not work out, they do not even have to terminate their contracts. Just call the staffing agency and have them do the hard part of firing the. The good news is, the agency will send a replacement immediately.