Problems That Often Occur On Natural Stone Floors and How to Deal with It

Basically, take care of natural stone floors is the same as ceramic floors. However, specifically for natural stone materials, there is a separate treatment that distinguishes it from ceramics to make it durable and always looks good. Natural stone floors are often used for rooms that are exposed to water, such as kitchens and bathrooms. To get stone tiles, you can buy at a ceramic shop or bathroom tiles sale. Natural stone flooring is not free from various problems. Here are some problems that often occur on natural stone floors and how to treat them:

Mossy stone

Natural stone floors are very susceptible to moss. This is generally caused if the condition of the room or floor is often moist and wet. Therefore you need to maintain the floor dry. If the stone floor is already mossy, remove it by using a special stone brush. This brush is made of a wire brush that can be bought in store. Brush the mossy floor using a wire brush and detergent. For maintenance, do regular cleaning with a wire brush.

Stone stained with black or dull

black and dull is a problem that often occurs on natural stone floors. Rub the stone with a sand or use a grinder to remove the black and dull.

Dewy stone

Sometimes, the stone floor looks wet. To prevent these problems, scrape or remove the dewy layer and then re-layer it with coating.

Run out

This overflow can appear when the stones start to become porous and unattractive. To avoid this, you should use special cement.

Peel coating layer

Stone floors sometimes use a coating to coat the color. Now, when the color coating has been peeled off, it should also be peeled off with a sandpaper. Then coat it again to make it look good.

Loose stone

If the stone floor is peeling, replace it with a new one.

That’s the way to treat and clean natural stone floors. Make sure you take good care of your floor, so the floor still feels comfortable and clean. For those of you who want tiles for a good quality bathroom floor, be sure to buy them at Amber Tiles. Amber Tiles provides various types of tiles with motif, texture, and good quality. you can visit the website at