Three Interesting Things About Honda CBR500R

Honda CBR500R is a worthy choice because the motorbike is one of the ideal sport motorcycles, which has different capabilities from other Honda motorcycles, such as fuel consumption of 25 km/liter.

As a large dedicated sports motorbike, the Honda CBR500R is fairly light, amounting to 191.1 kg. Likewise, with the aerodynamic driving position, the rider would still be quite comfortable driving a long distance. To buy a Honda CBR500R, you can now look for it on Wheels Honda motorbikes UK for £ 6,099. Or you can order via the website

Meanwhile, this model has new features, such as the new LED taillight, adjustable front suspension, ABS brakes, adjustable brake lever, and instruments with LCD screens. Also, this motorcycle has LED headlights with sharp design and a new muffler.

Aggressive Design

Honda CBR500R has a fairly bold design, with a supersport-style full fairing, making the display sharper. Aerodynamic lines, and comfortable riding positions, especially with the ideal seat, certainly makes you comfortable when traveling long distances on weekends.

The Honda CBR was first built 25 years ago and has experienced continuous improvement. It has a geometry chassis with a balance of 25.5 degrees and a wheelbase of 1,410 mm, making it more stable when driving.

The CBR500R performance is also supported by aluminum wheels measuring 120/70, with a diameter of 17 inches for front tires and rear tires measuring 160/60 with a diameter of 17 inches to make this motorbike more stylish.

Stylish exhaust

For the design of the Honda CBR500R exhaust, it has a pretty cool appearance, made of stainless steel, but it is not too noisy, so it doesn’t disturb the people around you too much.

Maximum power

The Honda CBR500R is armed with a 471 cc parallel-twin engine. This engine combines outstanding performance and fuel efficiency.

With this engine, the motor is capable of blowing power up to 52 Tk at 8500 rpm, with a maximum torque of 46.8 Nm at 7,000 rpm.

The power is supported by triangular proportions from the crankshaft, main shaft, and countershaft, and many comes from the structure and engineering adopted from the Honda CBR600RR and CBR1000RR.