Tips for Making an Attractive CV

Since your curriculum vitae is an essential element of your job application file, it should be perfect in all respects. A CV is the document that first informs the employer about your profile, your skills and your career path. When posting a job offer, recruiters usually receive a large number of applications. It is then important to submit an attractive resume if you do not want to fall between the cracks.

Main Rules for Creating a Catchy CV

The first thing to do is to find the best CV template from a reliable CV creator like It will save your time and the result will be impeccable. Actually, there is no magic bullet to writing a good resume.  But there are a few tips that can help you reach that goal more easily. After picking the right CV template, organize your curriculum vitae properly. The different sections (civil status, contact details, professional experience, skills, languages, etc.) help structure the document and make it clearer and more pleasant to read. It is therefore important to create different sections and not to put all the information in one block.

When writing your CV, always try to get straight to the point so that the recruiter immediately understands your background, the positions you have held, the assignments you were in charge of, etc. Use simple words and avoid acronyms, unless they are really essential. When you respond to a job offer, identify the skills the recruiter is looking for and only mention those you have, and which are related to the position sought. Likewise, highlight the professional experiences that are most likely to interest the future employer.

Finetune the Content of the CV

Be make an attractive CV, the form must be elegant and unique. But to get a job interview, the content must also meet the recruiter’s expectations. The aim is to prove though the information you add on the document that you are the perfect fit for the vacation. Use your curriculum vitae to present yourself through your career and highlight your qualities and skills, but also a little of your personality! Your CV must therefore meet the following objectives:

  • Sum up who you are.
  • Present in a clear and concise way your background and your professional experiences.
  • Highlight your qualities and skills.
  • Show the recruiter that you match the position you are applying for and that they need you in their company!