Top 7 Places You must Visit

The world is big. Many places present the spectacular beauty of the panorama. That beautiful spot is scattered all over the earth, thus becoming a worthy destination to explore. If you’ve visited it, then it becomes an unforgettable experience in life.

Here are the most beautiful places in the world that must be visited at least once in a lifetime:

Phuket Island

Thailand is a must-see place and hence makes it to the top ten places. Where better to spend a lazy holiday than sandy beaches with a spectacular coastline as view. It has its share of outdoor activities, shopping and nightlife as well. For more comfortable holiday experiences, you can stay at Novotel Kamala Beach which also provides Pool Villa Phuket facilities.

Niagara Falls

Known as the honeymoon capital, the Falls have attracted explorers, tourists and filmmakers alike over the years and it still remains one of the top destinations to see.

Approachable on the American and Canadian side, the best view is accessible from Ontario, Canada and a boat ride on the maid-of-the-mist is a must to get the full experience.


With the newlywed royal couple renting their own Island in Seychelles, this stunning beach spot has gained newfound interest among tourists.

Situated in the Western Indian Ocean, Seychelles constitutes 115 islands divided into inner and outer islands all renowned for its pristine blue waters and white sandy beaches.

New Zealand south islands

South Island, although the larger of the two islands, has a smaller population and is characterized by open landscapes, golden sand beaches, and glaciers. The island has something for everyone from boat rides to beach lazing, hiking, trekking or just simply exploring.

Taj Mahal

Believers in eternal love have come from far corners of the world to see this world-famous mausoleum, a tribute by Shah Jahan to his beloved Mumtaz Mahal. The epitome of Mughal art captured in great marble slabs, tell the moving story of death and love. Once in Agra, there is more to see besides the Taj Mahal as the city is dotted with monuments.

Las Vegas

Spend a night in a city that never sleeps, watch shows by top-notch celebrities and a chance to romance lady luck at a casino definitely are some of the things to do before you die. Even a stroll down the Las Vegas strip can be a fascinating experience with all the shiny lights and glamour.

Grand Canyon

Situated in the state of Arizona, the US, the Grand Canyon has attracted millions captivated by its sheer magnitude and harsh terrain. Not an adventure everyone is up to, the Grand Canyon Park has flights and tours that are easier on visitors.