Top Ten (10) Websites/Platforms You Can Make Money by Offering your Products and/or Services

There has to be a solution to every problem, and when the solution is found, the problem has to be tackled with the solution. Products and services are solutions to problems. Yes, they are the solution to the user’s needs and they create satisfaction of utility.

Before we had platforms such as the internet that provided room for e-commerce and e-banking, there had been buying and selling. But since the advent of online marketing—an avenue for online shopping, there has been a sporadic increase in marketing with the best strategies employed.

Online marketing is fast and has been proven to be effective and reliable if conditions are met and what you need to know- your strategies are organized and efficient. Collected.Reviews is an online shop to market your product.

You need to know is the right market for your products and have knowledge about finance companies that can come in handy. If you intend to offer a product that is handmade, there are sites that provide you with grandiose reliability and fast sales because your target audience is reached on time.

Take a look at the top 10 platforms or websites that you can make money from through your product(s) and services.

1.  eBay

eBay has been found to be one of the world’s largest marketplace that provides a wide range of buyers-cum-seller experience. It is a large market from which you as a buyer can benefit from. This has fewer hassles and workload because most of the selling process is done by them. eBay was founded in 1995, and according to research, it has about 2.4 million users—potential buyers.

2.  Amazon

Amazon since 1994, is a website for selling your products and services. It gives you the provision to sell anything online. Amazon gives you room to earn big from your products and services you offered for sale. In addition, Amazon gives your product approval that would convince your buyers.

3.  Etsy

The platform was established in 2005, About 19.8 million buyers patronize the company. Etsy gives businesses especially startup businesses a chance to sell their handmade product.

4.  Facebook

Facebook houses over 20 billion users from all over the world. There are groups we can create on Facebook to advertise our product. Interestingly, there is also the Facebook marketplace.

5.  Google shopping

Google  is the largest search engine and it is still running effectively. Google has a comparative advantage in that when a buyer search for product/products, it pops up as suggestions and your product visibility widens. This optimization doesn’t just happen like that, it requests you to create your own website and of course, a little amount is deducted from you.

6.  Shopify

On Shopify, a good product description and good market strategy increase the sales potential of your goods.

7.  Declutter

Declutter markets old tech products that are not in use again. Perhaps, you have a laptop that you want to sell, you can do that on Declutter. It’s a very accessible and trusted platform. This is because their products will undergo much scrutiny to alternate counterfeit and damaged product to a buyer.

8.  VarageSale

Buyers get to know about their sellers on VarageSale from the way they create their sellers’ profiles. All of these profiles must be verifiable.

9.  Chairish

This is a great selling site for selling furniture and home interior decorations. This website has a target audience, therefore if you intend to sell furniture and home decorations, Chairish is very reliable

10. Bonanza

 On this very attractive platform, there are over 50,000 sellers. You too can join the list and increase your turnover significantly.

There is no ish because there are many websites that can provide you good sales once you know the sites that can provide your products and services easy access. No one likes to perambulate online or waste time.

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