How to Pack Office Equipment Safely

Understand the Character of Each Item

Not only people, but goods also have characteristics that you need to know. The characteristics of the products are flammable, glassware, fabric, electronics, and others. The following is a summary of office equipment based on their character.

  • Glassware: cups, plates, bowls, flower vases, and cups.
  • Electronics: computers, servers, laptops, air conditioners, photocopiers, monitors, TVs, and printers.
  • Fabric: banners, uniforms, umbrellas, bags, luggage, and carpets.
  • Flammable items: chemicals and perfume. While tables, chairs, and sofa falls into the furniture category.

Use the right packing material

Not all goods can use the same packing. That’s why we have to understand the character of the item first before packaging. In general, there are five types of packing material, namely plastic bags/wrapping paper, bubble wrap, Styrofoam, cardboard, and wooden crates.

  • Plastic bags and wrapping paper are the packing material for fabrics, documents, and books.
  • Bubble wrap is for packing lightweight electronic goods, such as computer parts, laptops, and others.
  • Styrofoam is suitable for packing large-sized electronics, such as computers, monitors, TVs, air conditioners, and printers. It can withstand hard impact from other objects, and this material is also waterproof.
  • Cardboard is very flexible for various characters of goods. Cardboard is often used to repack items.
  • Wooden packing is an alternative for you who want to keep things safe from shocks and scratches of other objects.

Then, what about packing tables, chairs, and office whiteboards? We can coat it with a dry cloth and tighten it using tape. In all corners, use Styrofoam and tighten it using tape to avoid collision with other objects.

Label Each Pack

Label them using plain paper and put it on the packaging using masking tape. It aims to guide porters in the loading and unloading goods.

Those are tips on how to pack all office equipment, from the smallest to the largest items.

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