The Insurance Benefits That Employees Must Receive

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Lucky are the employees with considerate employers, who provides various benefits like health and medical assistance. Aside from the usual paid day off and overtime, both government and private companies also offer 13th month pays. In fact, the most important benefit that an employee must receive is the insurance. With this, the employers are only proving that working with them will assure your security and protection. Of course, it would be great to work knowing such offers because this will be beneficial to you and your future as well.

However, you should know that there are also contract workers, especially the ones overseas, working without this benefit. That’s why every job hunter should not only consider how much they will earn. It is very important to take note of the insurance or welfare that they can get from a particular company. In my opinion, you should prefer the ones with more opportunities that would give you a better future. Sometimes, workers fail to check this because they only focus on the salary. And then, they use this money to pay the insurance at their own expense.

Though that is also right, especially if they have no other choice. What most job hunters are thinking right now is to land in any position as soon as possible due to high rate of unemployment. Some of them also lack the skills required and are not fit for a position in the best companies. Therefore, we cannot blame them for not considering the benefits that they can get. But as an employee or job seeker, you should be aware that the insurance is very important to you as a worker and head of the family.


It would be great, if every employer will offer a Medical Insurance to their employers. Actually, it is the most important benefit that both government sectors and private companies can provide. I suppose, this is not too much for employers to handle. In fact, it is even a requirement in most countries. Therefore, you have to comply with this policy to avoid penalties.

Anyway, with this type, you may be able to visit a doctor and buy medicines in reduced fee. There are also instances in your life, where you may get sick and undergo a surgery. Worry not because the partial of the hospital bills will be taken care of, not by your boss, but by the coverage of the policy.

Disability and Accident

As a worker, you travel every day, so that you can come to your workplace. It is true that you are trying your best to take care, while on your way to the office or site. But sometimes, accidents may just happen in or out of your workplace. I know that nobody is ready for this kind of situations. And then, there are also people, who are depending on you.

But you cannot do anything after being disabled or when you need to stay for a long time in the hospital – visit for additional info. Paying all the medical facilities, medicines and experts won’t be easy. However, through this type of coverage, you won’t be paying all the expenses in full. The treatment as well as transportation will be managed. This will be very helpful, especially, you won’t need to think about spending and applying for loans. Instead, you can just focus on your recovery.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment

This is another important type of coverage that you should be able to avail. Keep in mind that there are workers, whose lives are always at risk. For example, military officers, police officers, oil mechanics or engineers and construction laborers to name a few. Therefore, it is vital to have this kind of policy.

Now, through this, you will be able to claim a certain amount. But because of your accidental death, you won’t be able to have it. Only your dependent or beneficiary has the right to claim this.

Let’s say that because of this accident, you survived. However, you have lost a body part, speech, sight and hearing. Sometimes, it is also possible to suffer from coma and get paralyzed. You will still be able to claim your benefit. Just a reminder that this is different from the disability type of insurance, so, do not interchange these two.