Tips To Boost Open, Click, and Conversion Emails For eCommerce?

Email marketing has proven to be an excellent way of advertising and branding your business. Entrepreneurs have turned to email marketing now that it has increased their level of reach and access to customers. With customer data like mobile phones and email addresses, it has also become very easy to reach the target audience.

But reaching the target audience and converting clicks into conversions are two different things. Having a good conversion rate is paramount for email marketing because it is a really bad sign to have a lower conversion rate.

Having an email address through web hosting and domain registration is a great way to authenticate your emails and brands. Buying services for hosting email addresses on your business website domain is also a good practice for your business.

What else can you do to boost your email conversion rate through email marketing? Read on to know more.

How to Boost Your eCommerce Email Conversion Rates?

Let us look at some of the tips that can help generate better email marketing conversion rates.

● Good and Convincing Designs

Persuasive designs can be an effective way to convert a person’s mind from ‘maybe’ to ‘YES!’ Persuasive designs are strategically made to attract and engage your audience. There is a way to grab a person’s attention. Just like good email hosting services can broaden your opportunities, a persuasive design with a clear copy can be visually pleasing and easily encourage conversion.

● Ease of Use and Navigation

Once the email drops in a person’s inbox, there is a 50% chance they are going to click on the link. Once they click on the link, your website or product page opens. If you want the individual to go to the purchase section, make the website extremely easy to use and navigate throughout. It must be clear where the person is being redirected. Your landing page must be easy to navigate and crisp with the information you wish to convey.

● Choose a Good Time

Time your emails correctly. It can prove to be an unproductive marketing experiment if the timing of your emails is not on point. Past data, recipient time zone, your target audience specifics (age, profession, etc.) can help you track a good time to send emails.

● Use Discounts To Attract

Discounts are a very attractive and proven strategy to pull the customers and target audience to the purchase section. Having the “20%-50% OFF” signature on your design can be very useful. It helps in email conversions.

● Use Social Media to Authenticate

The ecommerce email conversion rates do not only depend on the emails you send them. They depend on many other factors, including your digital presence. Your digital footprints can help build trust and give out additional product or company information to your customers.


Boosting your conversion rate is a paramount concern for eCommerce marketers and business owners alike. Using these tips can help your business grow and expand your customer base.