Things You Must Consider When Choosing A Place To Stay For Holidays

 What do you need to consider when choosing a hotel? Although it’s not the most pleasant part of traveling, choosing the right place to stay is one of the most important things in holiday preparation. Especially if you want to visit crowded tourist attractions like Phuket. Remember, the need for accommodation can cost a ‘decent’ of the entire budget of your trip. Therefore, you must ensure that the money you spend on the cost of staying at Novotel Phuket is commensurate with what you get.

Check out the following things that you should pay attention to:

Your hotel location choice determines whether or not your vacation is smooth

If you are asked to choose between a hotel that is not strategic but cheap or a hotel in a strategic place but adds a small amount that is not much, which one would you choose? It is recommended to choose the last option. Paying for a better strategic location.

When on vacation, you won’t spend time in a hotel unless you’re on a honeymoon. Therefore, the hotel you choose should be close enough to the tourist attractions, easy to find places to eat and entertainment within a distance that you can reach on foot. For example, Novotel Vintage Park in Phuket.

See Reviews of Hotels

In an era that is completely online like now, there are already many websites that you can count on to get reviews or reviews about hotels that you will occupy. You can find out the basic reviews such as facilities, cleanliness, and hotel staff services through the websites.

It’s time to find the hotel with the most reasonable rates

The two points above are the basic things you should consider when choosing accommodation. After both of them meet your criteria, then look for a hotel that offers the most commensurate rates with the facilities provided. The rates given usually also depend on your destination city.


You may not be able to vacation calmly if the security of your belongings in the room is not guaranteed. Does the front hall of your room have good lighting? Then, is your room key safe too? Do not hesitate to check out if you think that the hotel you live in is not guaranteed security. More importantly, if you can, you don’t need to bring valuables.